Jeff and Bob became fast friends and colleagues early on. In fact, Jeff once pretended to be his own manager in order to get a booking at one of Bob's early one-night-productions. After the show was a hit, Jeff confessed, and they have been friends ever since.

Bob Perkell

Bob Perkell started his comedy career at the now infamous Laff Stop in Newport Beach, California and the laffs haven't stopped. Bob expanded his comedy horizons, and material, by hitting the the road touring across the country which led him to television, overseas tours for out troops, and AA. Bob's ongoing comedy odyssey allowed him to develop his unpredictable approach to comedy.

Bob also has been producing and hosting his own show's in Orange County for over 19 years. His decision to open the Surf City Comedy Club is a life long goal for this clean and sober comedian. Being clean and sober for over ten years hasn't slowed Bob down one bit. In fact, Bob is one of the most requested acts at Clean and Sober Conventions across the country doing his one man show at over 150 twelve-step conventions in the last nine years alone.

In March of 2010 Bob became the First American Comedian to preform at an NA Convention in the UK.Whether you see Bob on television, comedy clubs, clean and sober corporate events, or in a tent in Iraq, always cinch your seatbelt tightly across your funny bone and hold on for a wild ride into the hysterical world of Bob Perkell. Response to Bob's unique stage energy is unmatched.

Jeff Capri

With over seventeen years as a world traveled stand-up comedian, Jeff Capri has worked a wide variety of audiences. Ranging from national television, headlining comedy club chains, cruise lines, numerous military tours, (including Iraq/Afghanistan) and a favorite at collages and corporate events. *He has even preformed at a nudist colony! (Fully clothed.)

Jeff's ability, while not a priority, to work clean, while keeping a caustic cynical edge is what makes this comedian truly unique. Jeff is considered by his peers to be a consummate professional; his strong improvisational ability (A Second City Conservatory graduate) enables him to easily adapt to any crowd.

Jeff Capri is a favorite in Las Vegas and has made many television appearances, including Comics Unleashed, Last Comic Standing, Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star and has appeared along side many respected entertainers, including Ellen DeGeneres, Joy Behar, Rich Jeni and Adam Sandler.